Thursday, May 07, 2009

CA - Days eight, nine, & ten

I don't have a single picture of day eight, our last Saturday in California.  We didn't want to fight crowds so we didn't do anything touristy.  We spent the morning thrift shopping and we each got something fantastic so we each went home really happy (Are you interested in seeing what we found?  Maybe I'll have to take pictures and do a later post).  Then Diane and Tom babysat again so Larry and I went out for Chinese and a movie.

Sunday was another relaxed day.  Church in the morning, a big dinner.  There were wildflowers all over so we headed to a nearby field after dinner to take some pictures, but we were a little too late and didn't quite have enough light.
Monday morning we did some shopping, let Creed play in fountains, and then headed Sprinkles Cupcakes

Larry and I left Creed with grandma again and then spent the rest of the day in LA.  We went letterboxing, which brought us to the LA airport and Randy's Donut's.  Then we stopped at Tito's Tacos (because Larry cannot go to LA without stopping there) then we went to Sony Studios to watch a pilot taping of Waiting to Die.  It was very funny so I hope that it gets picked up.
The taping took a while, but Pink's is open late so we still had time to stop for a hot dog at Pink's.
I ordered one of their famous chili dogs + guacamole, Larry on the other hand ordered a Poli-bacon chili cheeseburger.  It was like a polish dog, blt, and cheeseburger + chili and it was huge (and disgusting in my opinion, but all the guys in line wanted to know what it was so they could order it)
We headed home on Tuesday and didn't feel too bad about it because it was crazy hot.  Creed insisted on wearing his Mickey ears as we packed up the car even though we kept telling him he'd be cooler if he took it off.
Now I'm ready for another vacation!


ellen said...

I heart Tito's Tacos!!

Anonymous said...

u guys are the kind of family i love bumping into at disneyland while waiting in line
my bf and i always see the cutest kid and always compliment to the parents some of them get kind of offended and put off but you guys seem like the kind of parents that we'd end up talking to for the rest of the line and be sad when its time to go on


Larry said...

Yes, we are those people. (The good ones).

And my Pink's creation was indeed the envy of all who beheld it, and caused a number of people to be amazed and order, "Whatever that giant thing is." It was more fun than good, but that's one more thing off my list.