Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Picnic on the Porch

We had plans to picnic with Tyler and Lisa on Sunday and we were not deterred by the rain.  We just set up a picnic on the porch
And you really can't go wrong with raspberry lemonade, a giant fruit salad
and fresh peonies from Lisa and Tyler's new home at Grandpa Lewis's
Creed was especially happy because the porch is his favorite spot.  He spends hours driving cars along the railing.
After dinner we went for a walk in the rain

And there might have been a little singing in the rain too.


Shar said...

So I just realized I never called you back about the conference! I am so sorry. I was sick that day, and Trav ended up having to attend a scout training the entire day, so there was no way I could make it :( I was bummed. I hope it was awesome for you, though!

So I love your outfit in these photos! I love your style!

Lisa R. Lewis said...

1. I need to start dressing appropriately, knowing I will be photographed at your house.

2. Did I gain 100 pounds?

3. This was really really fun.

Larry said...


1. You had an amazing striped ensemble, no need to change.

2. No.

3. Yes. Yes it was.

Strong work Steph! Fun as always!!

tania said...

okay steph, i have a bone to pick with you, missy.

you know how you always post those posts that say...."i wanna be the kind of mom that..." and you post so many different things..

well. i have news for you. YOU ARE THAT KIND OF MOM!!!

seriously, you are always inspiring me to be a better mom and wife and homemaker. i seriously adore your blog & i'm super bummed that i never had a chance to meet you when you were still living in columbus.

you're one cool mama....larry & creed are so very lucky!