Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter 2009

I can't really explain why, but I take great joy in helping the Easter Bunny find little odds and ends for our Easter baskets.  Creed's basket was such a big hit that it was quite a while before he was interested in searching for eggs (We each got those disguise glasses for our next photo booth session).
He especially took to this cute rocket with pieces that fit together magnetically
I bought an Easter suit for him on sale after last Easter and luckily it was a perfect fit.

He wore it again the next Sunday and was a little more willing to pose for pictures.
After church we had another Easter egg hunt with Matt's family.  Creed only hunted for yellow eggs of course.  Most of them were empty and he didn't even know or care.  This is their backyard.  Wouldn't you love that ocean view?
And after Creed was nestled in bed that night, we feasted on candy!


Reba said...

LOVE the suit. and the view :)

The Jensen Family said...

you ate the candy?? i believe i single handedly ate ALL of your candy, especially your chocolate!

ellen said...

The suit and the binky are a great combo for adorable Creed!

Heather said...

the suit is absolutely adorable. Ahh, California. So different from Ohio.

Krista Hansen said...

Creed's suit is SO adorable! He is such a cute boy. Sam has those tractor jammies to and I had to do a double take. With their matching white/blond hair they could be brothers.

TX Girl said...

Isn't he just the perfect Southern boy. He would have fit in perfectly at church in NOLA.

Love the rocket. Where did you find it?

Jess's Mom said...

Steph, what a beautiful family! You are blessed. Miss you. Creed has become such a little man.

Love Deb