Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Holbrook Kitefest

Speaking of freeloading, we spent the weekend watching our church's General Conference on TV at Lisa's parents' home.  The weekend was full of good food and new friends and kite flying. Lisa's family is serious when it comes to kite flying.  Even all of the tiny kids have their own kites. Since Lisa and Tyler gave Creed a kite for his birthday, we were able to join in on the fun between sessions of conference.

Doesn't this look like a seriously fun group?
Too bad we turned our backs for a moment while we were sorting out our kite and turned around to discover this.

At least he told me that he thought it tasted yucky.


April Miner said...

Yay kites! Except mine never ACTUALLY flew, but it was fun anyway!

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

what's in his mouth?

I love that I see a church in the background of the 1st pic!

Scott said...

Where is Creed in the middle picture?

Katherine said...

Look at you looking HOT in your skinny jeans!

Mom said...

Creed was taking the picture - right?