Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

I took about a million pictures on our trip, but I barely took any of the things I really want to remember like Larry's family together and the friends that we visited.  I guess I was too busy just enjoying the moment.  We still ended up with a zillion vacation photos that I've been slowly wading through.  I'll try not to bore all of you so stay tuned, and I'll interrupt the vacation posts with some of the other funny things we've been up to since we got home.

We started our journey with a stop in Las Vegas.  It seemed like a good way to split that ride in half and Thanks to this blog and this one, I got a really great deal for a five star hotel in the middle of the strip.  Since we were arriving at night, we decided to spend two nights at The Venetian so we would have a day to relax and feel spoiled. The woman who checked us in was really great and when I told her how excited Creed was to see all the lights in town so gave us the best possible view of the strip. 
Creed was in awe.
And he had no trouble making himself right at home living in the lap of luxury.
We spent a lot of time relaxing in our room and the hotel pool.  Now I guess the Venetian didn't expect many kids because although we discovered at least six pools, none of them seemed toddle friendly expect the shallow pool designed for lounge chairs.  Luckily other toddlers had already taken over and there wasn't a lounger in site so Creed had lots of fun splashing.
We did venture out to see some of the sites.  Creed was in love with the Bellagio fountains so we caught a few shows there.  He also enjoyed the frozen hot chocolate and Serendipity (before this trip, I didn't even know they had a Serendipity in Las Vegas).
We had to introduce him to Fat Burger too (yep, we're really raising him to be a healthy eater!)
But really, if your room looked liked this, with three flat panel tvs and maid service, wouldn't you have spent most of your time in your room too?


The Jensen Family said...

Did you use your AK47 at Fatburger or was today a good day?

Chelsea said...

Darren and I have been thinking about taking a trip to Vegas. Can you share more details on how you got the deal you did on your room...Thanks!

susan said...

I'd also like to learn how you scored such a lux room! I'm too lazy to go through the bloggers archives to try to find it. ;o)

(susan from Persimmon & Pink)