Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spoiled in California

Larry grew up in California and his mom still lives in Irvine so when we visit her, we not only get to spend time with her, we get to be in one of the most beautiful and interesting places around.  And as a special bonus, Larry's sister Keri and her family ended up being able to fly in from Texas to spend Easter with us too!

Saturday we didn't do anything grand, but it felt like a day of perfection to me; watching little moments that I know brought each person in my family a happy thrill.

We started the day off at an Easter egg hunt at Irvine park.  Creed LOVES trains right now and he was overjoyed!
just check out his face in this picture

He also had fun hunting for eggs.  I wasn't sure if he would get it, but he went to town and was so proud of himself.
And when you live so far away from family, seeing your kids immediately warm up to them just seems sort of magical and perfect.

Then onto In-N-Out for lunch.
Where Larry got to introduce Creed to one of his favorite things, he own personal moment of magic and perfection.
And as if the day wasn't perfect enough, after we tucked Creed into bed, we got to go on a date.  I think we went to five dates while we were there.  Being able to tuck Creed into bed and then head off with Larry, knowing Creed is safe with Grandma and I didn't have to miss a moment of the day with Creed is my idea of heaven.

Larry's mom happened to see in the newspaper that the grunion we running so we were off to a moonlight night on the beach.
The calm of the beach at night is also magical.  During junior high and the beginning of high school, I lived in the beach on the north shore of Oahu and my sisters and I were all known to tiptoe out to the beach at night and spend hours on the beach (well, ok my parents didn't know)
Just when we thought a grunion run was not going to take place, the fish started to mysteriously appear on the beach.  It's one of those sites that doesn't seem real.

Yes, definitely a day filled with magic.


Larry said...

Indeed wonderful and full of fun, magic, whimsy, love, and fun!

I love seeing Creed remember and love family. I love going on dates with Steph. I also love In-N-Out. A wonderful trip!

The Jensen Family said...

That was a fun day, but excuse me...you left out our shopping trip and GO KART RACING. I will email you the pictures of our craziness! We loved seeing you guys and had fun exploring with you too!