Friday, August 31, 2007

Best Weekend Ever!

We are having so much fun with Jack and Keri. Keri picked the best weekend ever to visit because the weather is perfect, Larry actually has the whole weekend and Labor Day off (which is a miracle), and there are so many things going on around town this weekend. Larry was working on Thursday so the rest of us spent the afternoon at Homestead Park. Creed rode in a real swing for the first time. Doesn't he look comfortable and laid back? Jack had fun squirting Keri
And we spent the evening introducing them to Graeter's ice cream. Today, we started off exploring the Book Loft, one of my favorite places in town. We all found books that we couldn't resist. Then we stopped by the Topiary garden. It's Georges Seurat's, A Sunday On The Island Of La Grande Jatte laid out in bushes and who can visit Columbus without seeing that?

We lunched at the North Market where we picked up more yellow watermelon to share with Larry since it's his favorite and he was missing out on the fun.
Contrary to what this face might indicate, Jack did enjoy it.
After the boys napped we went to COSI, the children's science museum here. The last Friday of the month is Family Friday Night, when they stay open from 5 to 9 pm and admission is about half the price. Here's Larry on the high wire.
The ocean exhibit is one of my favorites and Creed was mesmerized by all of the water.
And Jack loved playing with the water table in kidspace
They even had a baby water table for Creed!
The weather has been perfect today. I wish it could be like this every day!
And right out on the Waterfront was the first Waterfire of the year. A few times during the year they have floating bonfires out on the river and they usually have a band playing, but once a year, BalletMet does a preview of their seasons during Waterfire and we happened to catch that tonight. It was so fun.

And to finish our perfect night we stopped for Jeni's Ice Cream!
Now we just have to plan the rest of our weekend. The Buckeyes are playing and Keri and Jack need to return to Texas with Buckeye Tees, and Gallery Hop is this Saturday and I'm told the arches will be multicolored this month, There's also the Greek Festival, but I have this thing about paying to go to a festival so I can pay for food, on the other hand, I'm told the Greek Festival s worth it. Shakespeare in the Park is still running. The Renaissance Festival is just beginning and where else can you come in contact with a crowd as "interesting" as a Renaissance Festival crowd? See what I mean about all of the things going on around here this weekend? on top of all that I think Keri and Jack might like to see Amish country, the Columbus Zoo, and the Airforce Museum in Dayton. Any of you have any favorite things to do with visitors?


Stephanie said...

Don't forget the Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport this weekend! You DON'T have to pay admission and the corn is amazingly delicious! You can find it on google.

Scott said...

Yellow watermelon! what is that? Please enlighten me

Larry said...

It's watermelon, but instead of being red, it's yellow! It's seedless and very good. A bit sweeter and definitely more flavorful than it's red cousins. It may be because they aren't grown in huge commercial farms, just local and organic-ish places, which is perhaps why they taste so much better. Or it may be because they are actually superior melons. Either way, they're delicious!

lisa h. said...

we went to the train festival today behind westborough and it was lots of fun...though evan was pretty grumpy about not getting to watch sat morning cartoons.

you always do so many fun things! joe and i finally went to the bookloft a few weekends ago for a date!

Anna McF said...

Yellow watermelon? That is so cool, I've never seen that before. What a wonderful visit.

Reba said...

Yay for Larry on the hirewire! And Creed looks so cute in the swing--so relaxed!