Monday, August 13, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things today

Larry is always picking up random new things at the grocery store to try and these Chex snack packs are winners. They are so good! I really like the strawberry yogurt, but I LOVE the chocolate carmel and they are only 100 calories each! Keri told me that Hobby Lobby has their Christmas decorations out so I had to check them out when I was returning something there today. They had these tiny heart garlands that match my Valentine's Day decorations so I had to pick one up to make an even smaller garland to decorate the fairy door in our house this Valentine's Day so they match.
My friend Elisa sent me this soap that she made and it is amazing. She totally surprised me sending me a package out of the blue and It's still sitting on my kitchen table because it smells so good. Back in the days when my mom owned a shop we used to sell handmade soap that was so wonderful and smelled so good, and I thought I would buy the same kind of soap when I had a house, but I haven't seen any soap that good since then until now! Thank you so much Elisa!
Another great discovery were these awesome letters (just imagine how cool they'll look hanging on a colorful wall instead of my ugly berber carpet). Ok, so I'm a little obsessed with typography and monograms. There's an antique store in Powell that has their shop name in gold letters like this behind the counter and I totally coveted them. I bought some silver leafing wax because I'm not a huge fan of gold, but it's already growing on me and I think they'll stay gold. They're each about a foot tall. Where should I hang them?
And last, but not least, I love this little baseball bum!


candicestringham said...

Ummmm, I think I need and CandM. Birthday present? An I love my sister soooooooo much present? A I pick your name for Christmas present? Good idea!

Mon Cat said...

And you're posting at 10:55 because you're still awake because the little varmint doesn;t let you get any sleep. Way to stay on the positive side - and focus on all of the good stuff in your life. Steph - you're amazing!

Larry said...

So that's why the Chex Mix boxes were out. I thought you just had a Chex binge and finished them all up. Just kidding.

Letters over the bed would be best. I think the gold would work. But we'll have to hold it up and see.

(Note how we communicate since I'm on night float - via your blog!)


Elisa said...

Your so welcome! Glad you like the soap.