Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Friday Full of Good Things

Ok, so my friend Nikki introduced me to Northstar Cafe so a week ago I suggested it when my friends Megan and Jill were picking a place to meet for lunch on Friday. Friday morning arrives and Larry calls me from the hospital and asks me if Creed and I want to meet him for breakfast with a bunch of the residents and they're going to this cool place . . . Northstar. I've never had breakfast there, but I love their lunch menu so I figured why not make it twice in one day? Breakfast was delicious (I ordered sweet potato hash and Larry ordered ricotta pancakes) and lunch was awesome too. I love getting together with my old coworkers. Even though I would never trade staying at home with Creed, I do miss work a little bit and I miss adult interaction during the day! Here's Creed with Megan.

By that time Creed was on his third outfit have spit-up all over the clothes he wore at breakfast and then had a blow out during lunch. Can you believe that our friends are willing to hold him after that?

I made it home in time for the arrival of Ben, Larry's best friend from medical school who is like a member of the family. He was in Cincinnati for a conference and then drove up to see us. So here's Creed meeting Uncle Ben (who we refer to as our other son). They're even making the same face!

Ben's wife Alex flew in Friday night and all of us (Steph, Larry, Creed, and Ben) decided to wear name tags in case she forgot who were are.
So on the way from the airport, Larry was teasing me for eating twice that day at Northstar, and then he told them what we had and they said, "That actually sounds really good . . ." So here was are at Northstar for the THIRD time that day! (and yes, Creed is in outfit number four. You don't want to know!)

Northstar has two locations on High Street, one in the Short North, and one in Clintonville, and they have really fresh, fun food. Once upon a time neither of the locations had a sign and you had to know someone who knew about it, or come across it on your own, but now they have signs, but they are pretty discreet so you still have to know what you're looking for. Doesn't this Kuma Bowl with curry chicken look pretty?

I also made everyone stop at Goodale Park nearby because look how huge and amazing and gorgeous the lilies are in the pond! This picture doesn't really do them justice. Check them out if you're in the neighborhood.

Top it all off with getting a package from my friend Elisa and finishing Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer and it was a day full of good things (but more about those two later).


Eleanor said...

Eclipse was pretty awesome

Larry said...

I miss those Shadles...

Alexandra and Benjamin said...

We miss you too!!!!! I miss Creed especially!!!!! We had sooooooo much fun with you guys. Can't wait until our next visit. I crave Northstar veggie burgers. MMMMMMMmmmmmm.