Saturday, August 25, 2007

Creed goes on a date

I love seeing Creed and Audrey together because since they are the same age, they are doing all of the same things and it's so fun to see how the interact. Nikki and Audrey spent Thursday afternoon with us after taking me out to a birthday lunch (Nikki said Audrey insisted that they take me out). I love looking at these two sets of blue eyes! And doesn't Creed looking like he's being sly and trying to grab Audrey's hand? In truth, he's about to try to eat Audrey. He seems to really enjoy sucking on her elbow. Friday night, while Larry and I went out on a birthday date, Cat & Ken babysat Creed and Audrey so Creed had his first date (completely chaperoned of course). This is how the date ended so they must have had a pretty good time.
Thanks Cat and Ken for babysitting so we could go out, and thanks David and Nikki for sharing your babysitters!


Mom said...

There's nothing cuter than sleeping babies, is there? He's such a cutie -

amyh said...

Evie's jealous.