Sunday, August 19, 2007

Too much HGTV!

Now that we know we will be selling our house next summer, I'm looking at things around here differently. Today I was staring at our house numbers because they are looking pretty shabby (this picture is from a year and a half ago and I edited the house numbers out). We thought we needed to replace the numbers, but we don't want to patch up holes from where the current numbers are hanging, and I realized that we can just spray paint them, which got me looking at the rest of the house. The shutters have faded so much since this picture, and I was never crazy about the blue in the first place. We're going to have to repaint them before we move so now I'm thinking why not paint them soon so we can enjoy the new color for a year? Which is where this post comes in. Have any of you done this before? Do you have any advice?
What color do you think that we should make the shutters and the door? I'm thinking black shutters with a red door. I love red doors. What would you do?


Laura said...

We have painted our shutters and it makes such a difference in the look of the house. Ben painted them with a black high gloss paint. They come off the house fairly easy, then just paint and put back up. We went with black too. I think black shutters really makes a house stand out. I think the red door idea is great. We are such plain Janes we go with Black, my mother in law did red with black shutters and it looked really nice.

Anonymous said...

Red doors are good fenh shui - they bring prosperity. I found out about that later - after I changed ours from blue to red. The shuttes should be relativelt easy - take 'em down - spray paint on the lawn (you mow away the evidence) and replace. - Mom Cat

Mark Stringham said...

You know at the end of Willy Wonka, where charley's house gets put into the factory? Those shutters are amazing. I'd look into those! Ask Larry if they have shutters at hot topic. :) PS. I miss you all!

Dan and Shauna said...

We are in the process of a total exterior renovation! I just painted our shutters black with spray paint (super easy) and we are also doing a red door! Great minds think alike! Good luck!

Elisa said...

I like the black shutters/red door idea. I also saw a green door the other day that looked good..kind of a fresh take on the red door.

I read that having fresh flowers on the table, and the smell of vanilla or grapefruit helps sell a home.

Larry said...

Our house smells like grapefruit already! We're all set.

I like the black/red idea, but we'll have to drive around a bit to see what ideas we can get - OH WAIT, I have a wife who designs doors professionally, so I'll just take her word on it.

Chelsea said...

email me as soon as you get this...I have a question for you.

Talk to you soon.