Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back to school traditions

So you know I love fall, buying school supplies, and family traditions so I have to share a few back to school traditions that I recently came across. They are directly quoted from comments posted on Ali Edward's blog.

  • Throw a Bus Stop BUFFET!!! Bring some doughnuts, bagels, hot chocolate, juice and milk for the young students and their parents to enjoy as they wait for the bus. This is the perfect way for your children to get to know their classmates, and a great opportunity for you to meet their parents. This photo moment can be collaged into your Back to School book.

  • We do the 12 days before Kindergarten....they hang their new backpack on their bedroom door and get a little surprise every morning until it is the first day. Most of the days it is a picture book, or supplies that are needed for school.

  • For dinner on the first day of school, I dress up like a lunch lady and serve up a menu of pigs in blankets, pears, peas and a juice box served on cookie sheets lined up like lunch trays.

My family had the normal back to school traditions, buying school supplies with mom, taking pictures on our porch the morning of the first day of school every year, but these ideas are so fun! And even though I'm not going back to school, I just used my birthday coupon to buy myself this back to school coat. It's a peacoat, but it's made out of sweatshirt material and it's sooooo comfortable. I couldn't resist it once I saw it in brown!

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lisa h. said...

love the peacoat!

i like the 12 days before Kindergarten idea.