Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is there a flood?

It seems I can't post these days without adding some adorable pictures of Creed, and I don't want this blog to turn into all "look how cute this baby is!" posts, but . . . LOOK HOW CUTE THIS BABY IS. How can I resist? And besides, we have to keep the grandmas happy with lots of pictures!

And on a totally random sidenote, for years I complained to Larry that he was wearing his pants too high so every once in awhile he would hike his pants up as high as possible and dance around just to mock me (which he found hilarious and once made my dad laugh so hard that he passed out). Now look what he keeps doing just to drive me crazy.

Ugh! Creed seems to think it's funny too.


J* said...

He is very cute, so post away and keep us all happy with lots of photos.

Katherine said...

Those are some really CUTE pictures!!

uslimes said...

steph, shanda here. yah, i got your blog from jeana who got it from...? anyway, i love your blog! i know you have been told this alot!
and i also think that creed is the most beautitul baby boy ever! really! but don't tell larry i said beautiful! he is just perfect! i can't get enough of his smiling face! so, thanks for sharing all of your ideas, all of your thoughts, and all of the adorable pictures of your perfect little boy.