Sunday, August 26, 2007

Baby boy

He still has no name, but Marissa and Baby Boy are home from the hospital. My mom told me that he looks like a Borup (my maiden name) and I didn't know what that meant until I saw his pictures and I have to say I agree. I'm going to have to dig up the only baby picture that I have of Marissa because I think he looks just like her!


Larry said...

I agree, he looks like a Borup, especially in the second picture. But he also looks like Mike, especially in the first picture. Very exciting - Congrats Mike and Marissa!!

Laura said...

He is very handsome. Congratulations on being an aunt again. So many baby boys in your family. Crazy.

Elisa said...

Cute new baby! Steph, it's my birthday today, our birthdays are so close! When you move to Utah we will have to go to breakfast between our birthdays to celebrate!