Tuesday, August 14, 2007

He is so cute, C-U-T-E!

Creed hates to sit or lay down; he would rather be standing ALL DAY LONG. Because we'll be moving to an apartment in less than a year, we didn't want a lot of large baby gear that would wouldn't use for long and then we would have to get rid of or figure out how to store. A great idea, but not so practical when I want to get something done and Creed wants me to help him stand. We are in great need of something that Creed can stand in like an excersaucer or jump-up-Johnnie or walker (did you notice that they just started making those again?). I was just about to give in and pick something up, but Creed just started standing if you put him next to something that he can hold on to and it won't be long before he's pulling himself up to standing. Look how proud he is to himself!
And do any of you out there have suggestions of mellow songs for a lullaby mix for Creed. It's so hard to find things that aren't lame. I think that most of the CD is just going to be music that I love that's calm enough for him to chill to. I need your help and I'm willing to share the song list when I'm done!


Britain said...

Hey Steph,
I just got a CD for Alyssa that I love. It is made by Parents, and it is called "lullabies for baby". I found it at Target. It is beautiful.
1. Twinkle, Twinkle
2. Winkum Winkum
3. Raisins and Almonds
4. Mozart's Lullaby
5. Hush Little Baby
6. Reverie (Sweet Dreams)
7. Brahms' Lullaby
8. Are You Sleeping
9. Rock-a-by Baby
10. Sky Boat Song
11. Kumbaya
12. Aura Lee
13. Simple Gifts
14. All the Pretty Little Horses
15. Heartbeat
16. Ocean Waves

There is no singing on the CD, and the last two tracks are not songs; they are just sounds.

Good luck with Creed's CD.

Tenay Jo said...

I think that is one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen. He definitely is proud of his huge accomplishment...and he should be.

The Gooches said...

my kiddies love anything by josh groban, it totally calms them down! p.s. he really is soooo cute!

Del and Tina Mecham said...

That Creed is a cute kid! I think he likes to smile.

Hey Stephanie, Larry left a comment on our blog, and I wasn't sure how to respond to him. He asked how far apart Austin and Dallas are. Tell him that it's about 200 miles (depending on which part of Austin and which part of Dallas)...so it's maybe 3 hours away. We've been there a few times. I guess Larry's sister loves living in Austin!


Freewald said...

You could borrow one (exersaucer) or garage sale!? That's what we did. Sorry, can't help you there. But I think Brit has some lullaby songs for Maya.

Anonymous said...


There's an exersaucer in our apartment that you're welcome to use. April Johnson has a key.


Cassie L. said...

I like some of the tracks on the Martha Stewart Baby CD - they are a little different.

Alicia said...

Hey Steph! Crate & Barrel's kid store sells some really hilarious kids CDs. www.landofnod.com

They have lullaby renditions of all sorts of artists - the Beatles, Led Zepplen, the Ramones, and for Larry's listening pleasure, the Cure.

They also have a version of Mahna Mahna by Cake. Who wouldn't pass those up?


Shauna said...

Hey Steph,

We borrowed an exersaucer for Joshua and it was great! Nothing to store later and I knew he was safe standing (or sitting) if I needed to step away.

We have the Baby Einstein Lullaby CD and it's a great collection of soothing music (no singing). I can send you the list of tracks if you are interested. Take care - I love reading all your cute ideas!

Mark said...

WOW! He's growing so fast! I'm a very proud uncle...