Thursday, September 06, 2007

Keri & Jack

I'm a little behind in blogging. We had a great time with Keri and Jack, but I was suffering from camera frustration so I didn't take many photos. Keri has some great shots, but this is all I have from my camera for now.

Saturday we spent the day at the zoo. Creed enjoyed the hoards of kids more than the zoo, but he did take notice of a few animals. We wore him out so here he is sleeping with a sleeping manatee in the background.
Then we spent the evening at gallery hop. It was cool to see the arches changing colors. Sunday was spent at church and Inniswood checking out the bug sculptures with Jack. Then Monday we spent the day in Amish country. We ate lots of cheese, shopped, and saw lots of animals at Rolling Ridge Ranch. Here are Creed and Larry with a calf.
And Keri and Jack watching animals from the car.
Creed loved the emus, but Larry thinks they're terrifying so he said this picture made his heart stop when he saw it.
I think Larry's favorite part of the day was discovering an OSU gnome that he HAD to take home. You know how I feel about gnomes so let it be noted here that he ha agreed to keep thi in the backyard out of general view.
It's been so nice seeing these two cousins together. The best part was that Creed and I didn't have to say goodbye because two hours after Keri & Jack left for Utah, Creed and I headed out to Utah too. We miss Larry, but we're keeping busy. More about that soon.

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Larry said...

So much fun I'm only now recovering from it all.