Sunday, September 16, 2007

Creed goes to Utah

Creed met a lot of my favorite people while the two of us were in Utah, and while I neglected to take many pictures of the things we did, I did take a pictures of some of the people he met. So here they are in the order that I took them.

First, Mary Ann, my best friend since elementary school before we lived in Hawaii, and her adorable baby Malan. Malan is only two months older than Creed and these two really seemed to have fun together (although he was a little jealous of all that hair!) Keri & Jack were staying with Grandpa Ford (Creed's Great Grandpa Ford) and we visited everyday. Jack and Creed were endless entertainment to Grandpa Ford.
We had a Borup family get together on Sunday, but I didn't get a picture of the whole group. Here are my dad, Grandma, and Uncle Cory. Isn't she the cutest grandma ever? I would love to be as cool as she is one day.
And here is Grandpa Borup
Larry's mom's family, the Lewises, also got together on Sunday so they could all meet Jack and Creed and I didn't take a single picture!!!! I guess I was just to busy having fun and trying to figure out who all the cousins were without Larry's help. Larry's brother Scott couldn't make it, but Creed had a chance to meet him the next day. Thanks for coming so far to visit us Scott!
And Creed also got to meet one of my best friends from high school, Melinda, and her beautiful girls Laura and Sara.
And Last, but not least, three of my roommates from my freshman year of college, Em, Dayna, and Nikki. It's been way too long since I've seen them. So I have to admit that I was not as thrilled as Larry at the match for fellowship in Utah. This is our seventh year in Ohio, and the longest that I've ever lived anywhere so Ohio really feels like home. There was one night that I went on a walk with Creed and cried at the thought of moving there, but looking back at these pictures, I know it will be nice to be so near so many of our family and friends. I guess the rest of you will just have to move there!


Kelly L said...

Hey Steph,

Sorry I missed you when you were in Salt Lake--I would have loved to have seen you and Creed in person--but, I'm sure you were swamped. I'm sorry you're not that excited to some here, but I'm sure excited you're coming! Have a great day!

markjstringham said...

Sorry I missed you! I leave for Utah on Wednesday. MISS YOU GUYS!


Britain said...

You know...Utah isn't that far from Vegas baby!

Chelsea said...

Wow, it is so weird to see you with all your roommates all grown up now!! Sometimes I miss the carefree good old days of BYU (even though I did not actually go there :))

Krissy said...

I didn't know BYU Bookstore had such cute shoes! I wish you could come scope out my city and help me find all the interesting things here. It would be much more fun to do it with you. Creed is getting cuter every week, can't wait to see him again someday.