Friday, October 03, 2008

Tourists in our own home

In just a few days, we will have out first houseguests. We are so excited for Donny and Jessica to get here, the problem is, we've only lived here for two months so we have no idea what they need to see and do while they are here. We really haven't explored that much since Larry has to work a lot. I think the only time they've spent out west was a few days in San Fransisco so we really want to show off Utah. They'll be here for four and a half days so what do you think we should do?
Please help me brainstorm, and the more details, the better.


Alissa said...

campfire up the canyon?
i'm actually coming up quite blank, which may be the reason we moved.

wandering nana said...

Gardner Village-Especially fun this month as it is witches month and they have all different decorations and fun shops.
Thanksgiving point gardens
Park City
Mountains are a definite must..
Bingham Copper Mine
Temple Square

candice said...

Cafe Rio salads, a visit to Sundance the grill and cafe aren't to much money and it's so fun to walk around. Parkcity, you could do the alpine slide and go to the outlets. There was just a write up about a good hike to see fall leaves on your heart out around that area too.
And if you want to brave the drive I think a day to Moab/arches is what people think of when they think of Utah.
Startups suckers? Temple square?
I'll keep thinking.

Robin said...

I hear the bobsled run in Park City is exciting- if you're brave enough.

Anna said...

I saw this online today and thought of you: -- Storybook Garden After Dark.

Also check out: (you can subscribe to their RSS feed if you want)

Anonymous said...

Into Hiking? Try the Salt Lake Overlook hike (the name says it all) or Dog Lake or you could do Timp cave if you're in Provo.
Anything going on at the Delta Center?
Temple Square
Haunted house (can't think of any off the top of my head)
Picnic & feed the ducks at Sugarhouse Park
Have you guys tried Pierpont Cafe?

Anonymous said...

I love Park City--the food, shopping, Olympic Park, Alpine Slide, fall colors, it is perfect.

Salt Lake- hike Ensign Peak, shopping, Temple Square, museums

Provo- drive Alpine Loop to see the fall colors, Bridal Veil Falls, Sundance for some yummy food

Anonymous said...


Lisa Lewis said...

Hi. I'm the wife of Tyler, cousin of Larry. I met your husband at our reception in Salem (side note: he is fantastic) and Tyler directed me to your blog a while ago because he thought I would like it - he was right. I hope you don't mind me peeking in on your life every now and then (if that sounds at all creepy - forgive me)

My ideas:
-The BEST Gelato I've had in Utah
Docetti Gelato 751 S 1100 E

-Egg's in the City (this place is A++) 1675 E 1300 S

-Este Pizza (delicious)
2021 Windsor St # A (off of 9th east)

-Moriarty's Antiques
(one of my fav's)
959 S West Temple

-Liberty Park, always has fun things going on, plus it's beautiful.

Most of my ideas are food...
This is long - my apologies.

Lisa Lewis said...

Sorry to bombard again, but I must tell you about Finns - it is the best breakfast place I have encountered, since I moved here. Finns is culinary perfection with brilliant ambiance. Go before it gets to cold, sitting on the patio is a must. Please order and savor their waffles with lingonberries.

1624 S 1100 E, Finns.

Elisa said...

You could go get a book signed by Shannon Hale this Saturday at All Tucked Inn in Bountiful.

I'm going to try to sneak away to go.

Sarah said...

Breakfast at Ruth's Diner up Emigration Canyon is always nice - that also gives you an opportunity to pass the zoo and "This is the Place" Monument.

I second the Dog Lake hike - the Cottonwood Canyons are always so lovely.

I think Snowbird has a tram that takes you to the top? You did that already, right?

Have fun! :-)