Friday, October 31, 2008

A New Collection

I started a new collection this week. You know from my designs for Sycamore Street Press that I have a thing for ornate frames that look like they are from the Renaissance or Rococo period. Well, I couldn't resist temptation this week when I found two gaudy gold frames in second hand shops in my neighborhood. I have two ideas for them that I can't decide between. First, I was thinking I should try to collect several and hang them all on one wall to create little art gallery. I would probably spray paint them all the same color and hang simple, modern prints in them to contrast with their grandma nature. When Creed gets older I think that would be an awesome way to display his art, and I could switch them out all the time. They are rather large frames so I would have to blow some of his artwork up, but I think it could be done for a reasonable price.

The second idea is to just find one more and blow up our portraits from our new stamps. I think the three of them would look so cute hanging together. I think I would still spray paint them all a bright color, although Larry says the gold is growing on him. What do you think?


emily kate said...

I've been looking for ornate frames like that too, but haven't had any luck. I think the gold looks kind of cool!

Eva said...

great frames! i kinda like the gold, too, but i guess it depends on where you are hanging them.