Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mother Nature Forgot it is FALL

Sunday morning we woke up to this There's something magical about the first snowfall so I bundled Creed up and we headed out. He wasn't sure what to think of the big snowflakes coming down and he huddled close to the house.
After some coaxing, he walked over to the snow, but he wouldn't touch it. He spent a long time just staring at it.
Finally he poked at it with his toes a few times.
After a few more minutes, he worked up the courage to touch it
Then he was all smiles, but as soon as I mentioned hot chocolate, he ran back to the house (which was funny, because I don't think he had any clue what hot chocolate is).We spent the rest of the morning entertaining ourselves inside.


Scott said...

That sounds like something Creed's Dad would definitely do.

Larry said...

He probably just heard the "chocolate" part of it and was sold.

Gets it from his Mom.

Brian, Jami, Paige, and Austin said...

Again, Creed and Austin are so very much alike! Austin just stood on our sidewalk while Bri, Paige and I built a snow princess. He would only walk in the snow to get to the sled! :0) They are so fun at this age!