Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We've made good use of Creed's Halloween costume. We took him to Boo at the Zoo a week and half ago and he was a big hit. Then yesterday he showed off at the ward Halloween party

For those of you from outside of Ohio, he's The Ohio State University's mascot, Brutus the Buckeye! See the similarities? My mom helped me make his head (and by helped, I mean that I drew it and provided the fabric and pretty much just watched my mom sew)The activity did not go super well. No one was very interested in the activities that we had planned. The grown-ups were supposed to go on a photo scavenger hunt while we did some activities, but not many people joined the scavenger hunt and then it was really hard to get the kids together while there were so many extra adults hanging around. Oh well, we tried, right? My friend asked me to post the scavenger hunt list so here it is:
Scavenger Hunt Items
· Your whole team jumping in the air
· Someone on your team dancing with a witch
· A black cat
· Someone on your team pinching Frankenstein’s cheek
· Someone carving a pumpkin
· A bat
· Someone on your team hugging a scarecrow
· A Spiderweb
· Someone with fangs
· Someone on your team holding hands with a skeleton
· A werewolf
· A smoky cauldron
· Someone on your team being scared of a monster
· Someone wearing fake eyelashes
· A cornfield
· An opposing team in their car
· Someone on your team reading a spooky story
· A funeral home
· A broken mirror
The good news is that the people who went on the scavenger hunt had a lot of fun and afterwards we got to see a lot of our friends like Meg and Alyssa in fun costumes as we trick-or-treated around the church building.
Larry has worked during the last four Halloween's so it was especially fun having him with us to hand out Halloween candyCreed loved hanging out on the lawn and watching the kids in costume run by.We always give out full-sized candy bars and we almost ran out this year because we had more trick-or-treaters than we usually do. The Zozes came and hung out with us as our last trick-or-treaters approached. I hope that you all had a great night too!


Kim said...

What a cute little Buckeye. I ended up making 3 halloween costumes this year. After attending the elementary school parade, I've decided that homemade costumes are a thing of the past. Hopefully, Candice will post pictures of Grant and Cole so you can see them for yourself. We miss you!!!!! XOXOXOXO

lisa h. said...

the scavenger hunt sounds great...i may steal that for next year if we're still on our wards commitee!

love creed as a buckeye!

Shiloah B. said...

Totally cute costumes! I enjoyed the cute pictures! What a creative gal you are!