Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday crown

Creed's friend Bella turned one last week and we made her a birthday crown, but I'm just getting around to posting pictures. Creed modeled for me. It was just a really quick project using fleece silver thread and felt scraps (or it would have been a quick project if my sewing machine wasn't skipping stiches)


Sarah K said...

Hello Steph and Larry! I found your blog while looking at Tenay's. How fun it was to see pictures of Creed and to see how your family is doing! Your son is absolutely adorable... and I can see both of his parent's genes in him. It looks like you had some fun trips! I saw the picture of The Balboa Ice cream bars and had totally forgotten about the place. I remember going there when I was like 10! Very cool. And Steph, you are so talented. I love the crown, and your cute house decorations. I also love it that you get into the fall spirit. I love it too! -Sarah (Montierth) Kessie

Elisa said...

I was just thinking today (while coming up with ways to make a Glinda crown) that crowns can be very uncomfortable. This is the perfect solution! Not a perfect solution for Glinda, but a perfect solution for uncomfortable crowns in general. Love it.