Thursday, October 04, 2007

Experience Columbus Days

I just wanted to let all the Ohioans reading this know that Experience Columbus Days begins this weekend (it's always over Columbus Day weekend). You know those things around town that you always mean to go to, but you never do because you're not a tourist? Well, this is the perfect time to do them because with a copy of the Experience Columbus Days Flyers, most of them are 50% off. And this year several original Columbus restaurants have joined in and dinner for one or two will be discounted 25% so it's another chance to try a restarant that you've been curious about. Check out the site here and be sure to print out the flyer and bring it with you (just click the yellow button at the bottom).


lisa h. said...

you rock! thanks for the heads up!

Noelle said...

Thanks for the tip Steph!