Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Eating Habits of Creed Atticus

This is Creed when you try to feed him banana baby food.
And this is Creed when you try to feed him Chicken & vegetable baby food.
It cracks me up how he's already refusing food that he doesn't like by tucking his chin into his chest and pursing his lips. As soon as you move the spoon away from him, he'll look up, but as soon as it comes towards him, his head is down again.
And this is Creed after his first teether cracker (and this is ONE cracker that he didn't even finish mind you, the spoon he's chewing on was only there to play with)


uslimes said...

can i just say "BOO" to teether crackers! thumbs down. NEVER take one with you to church thinking it will be a good way to keep your child occupied! but creed looks great dressed up in one!
can i also say "yay" to your photos of creed! he is so adorable. he seems to have the most delightful personality. i know where he gets it!

Reba said...

Well, have you SMELLED the chicken and veggies. Good move, Creed!

lisa h. said...

hehe! babies are too smart! i used to feed calder oatmeal with yogurt on top, so she thought it was just yummy pink stuff and not gross brown oatmeal...i don't think it would work anymore though!

i agree w/ reba though, kinda smelly. but have you seen the jars of just meat, like meat sticks! something is wrong with that!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Yup, biter biscuits make a royal mess, but they're so great when you can stick them in the high chair in their diaper and you have a good ten to fifteen to get dinner done! Love the pictures of Creed, what a handsome boy.

Jen said...

I have to send you a pic that I have of Maddie after her first biter biscuit...she looks JUST LIKE Creed does here. Too Funny!!

Brian, Jami, Paige, and Austin said...

Creed is such a happy and cute little boy! It's so fun knowing that him and Austin are so close in age. I haven't even attempted the biter biscuits yet because I remember the mess they made when Paige ate them! :0) The pictures that your sister took of Creed are amazing!!

Jess's Mom said...

Steph, Creed is just too cute! I love the banana baby food picture. Was sharing your blog with Laura Miller. She says hi and misses you as do I.

Love Deb

John and Lindsey said...

I know it may sound gross, but our dr suggests mixing the meat with the bananas or whatever they do like so they get the protein. Just make sure he tastes the banana more!