Tuesday, October 02, 2007

CA Day Three - Creed goes to the beach

Larry's mom took Wednesday off of work to spend the day with us. We decided to take Creed to the beach behind the Montage hotel in Laguna Beach. We weren't sure what Creed would think about it, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.

At least until he tried to eat the sand . . .After the beach we picked up lunch at In N Out (which was at the top of Larry's list of things we must do while in California). Then Larry's mom took us to tour three of Standard Pacific's model homes at their new development, The Tides (she works for Standard Pacific). Umm. . . WOW! Larry came out of the first one and said that if he could go back in time and specialize in interventional cardiology he would because even though his job would bite, it would be worth it to come home to that house every day. The pictures on their web site don't even begin to do it justice. If only we had an extra $7,000,000.00!
We ended the day shopping on Balboa Island. I love Balboa Island. I love just walking around looking at all of the fun vacation homes and browsing through the stores. We stopped to get some famous Balboa Bars while we were there too. They take a brick on vanilla ice cream on a stick and then they dip it in chocolate and roll it in whatever toppings you request. Yum!


Mom said...

What fun! I'm SO jealous - you can dothis fun stuff because you're not tied to a school schedule (ENJOY it while you can.) I can line up some design jobs when you get back - maybe help you pay for the trip?? love, Mom Cat

Nikki said...

GREAT pictures, Steph (especially the one of Creed tasting sand)!

Marissa Joy said...

It looks like you are having so much fun. I love your pictures. Creed looks so happy at the beach. How hot has it been there? When do you get back?

Darius said...

I agree with Nikki. You have a good eye indeed! I used to be into photography before, taking pictures of people in theme parks and malls. But that interest of mine gradually switched to surfing when I started preferring beach trips for a vacation.

It all began with staying in those condominiums in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Instead of being content with the view of the beach from my room, my body craved to feel the seawater. So now, I'm more of a surfer than a photographer. I do miss photoshoots, though. I think I'm gonna have one by the beach next time.