Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Creed's Polkadot Pad

I'm sort of embarrassed to post about this, but here goes anyway. I love reading this blog called Apartment Therapy and I check their nursery page almost everyday because they always feature cool toys and parenting advice and decorating, etc. Anyway, they are having a competition for nursery colors and you send in 3 pictures of your nursery and they pick 15 finalists to feature on the blog. After readers vote, the top three will be featured again with more photos.

I was experimenting with fairy doors the other day, trying out what a wall with a bunch of them would look like and since I was taking pictures of Creed's room I decided to enter the contest. The thing is, after I turned in my entry I really looked at the pictures, and they were NOT good. The photos were bad, and the doors looked weird on the wall so I took them down and figured I wouldn't be a finalist, but that's was ok and now I have plenty of time to figure out what to put on the wall above Creed's bed (and no one would ever see how bad it was).

Then yesterday Creed's room was featured!!! I was totally surprised and a little embarrassed because it looks pretty shabby. Readers vote and so far, the vote is pretty evenly split between 1. It's inspiring, 2. It's in the running, and 3. Almost, but not quite, which sort of surprises me because I look at the pictures and think, "Almost, but not quite" myself! Anyway, if you have a chance you can head over there and boost my confidence and vote (just scroll down until you see Creed's room). I just wish the rules would have allowed me to change the photos, but oh well!


Laura said...

What? The room looks perfect and so cute with Creed's head sticking up out of the crib. I love it.

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Oooo Stephanie, I love apartment therapy! I check them out all the time. Kudos to you, the room is SO creative and chic, love it.

The best part of the picture is Creed's little head popping over the crib, just the perfect touch!

TheMoncurs said...

Wow random and small world, found your blog through Noelle who found me through Janssen. I'm a HUGE AT: The Nursery fan and I totally remember seeing this room on there! I'm 25 weeks pregnant and doing blue and brown in my nursery so I was glad to see one on there using the same colors! It's so fun to see people who use the same color scheme but take it a totally different direction. I love your walls!