Wednesday, October 03, 2007

CA Day 5

So Hollywood has the Hollywood sign and now Irvine wants a landmark of its own, The Big Orange Balloon (although it's not really a landmark when it's in the air). It's actually a marketing ploy for an upcoming development, but there is a giant orange hot air balloon that you can ride for free so had to go see it and take Creed on his first hot air balloon ride. The metal base that you see is actually a big circle that can hold thirty people.
It went up a lot faster and higher than we expected, and it was a little windy so it made us both feel like Larry in this picture.
Once you get all the way up in the air, you can walk around to the other side so here's the view across the balloon.
And only that little cord was keep us connected to the landing pad way below.
After the balloon we had a late lunch at PeiWei. Oh I am so glad that we have a Peiwei in Ohio now, I just wish that it was closer to us (It's like PF Chang's only cheaper and you order at the counter so you don't have a waiter and it's much faster so it's a lot easier than PF Chang's with Creed). Good thing one is opening in Salt Lake too!
Just a few hours later we met up with the nicest people that we know, The Goodlings for dinner at the Cheescake Factory. It's always so fun introducing Creed to our favorite people.

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Chelsea said...

I love Cheesecake Factory and cannot wait for the day they decide to come to Utah. There is a Pei Wei up the street from my work in Bountiful and it is excellent...a highly recommended place for anyone with kids who loves OF Chnags! And lastly, that balloon ride would scare me half to are brave!