Thursday, October 18, 2007

Let's All Go To The Pumpkin Show!

Larry and I are planning to head to the Circleville Pumpkin Show on Saturday, as we traditionally do, but since this is the last year we will be attending, I thought about heading down on Wednesday with my friends Reba and Katherine and all of our kids. Sadly my plans were foiled because Reba's kids were sick. However great minds think alike and when Larry got home he said, " If we leave right now, we can still make it to The Pumpkin Show's opening day! This is our last year, we should go at least twice."
This year the biggest pumpkin weighed in at 1524 1/2 lbs, breaking all records. We had a hard time getting Creed to look at the camera because there was so much to see.He was in heaven watching the parade and staring at all the flashing lights.We've never seen any of the parades before and we ended up with a prime parade watching spot right in front of the giant pumpkin display. We got to see the pumpkin Queens.At there was even a spotting of the scary Pumpkin Man, who apparently likes to be formal for the parade and wears tails. Too bad I wasn't fast enough to get a good picture. We'll have to try again on Saturday.We always search for new pumpkin foods that we haven't tried yet. This year we found Pumpkin canoli.And pumpkin corn bread. They were both just ok. Saturday I think we going to hunt for pumpkin buckeyes! Sounds interesting. WE saved most of our favorite pumpkin foods for Saturday, but we could resist a few pumpkin doughnuts from Lyndsey's Bakery. That were hot and delicious! I can't blame Creed for wanting to try it.And while we were at the bakery, Creed got to see the six foot pumpkin pie.I love how the whole town gets into the Pumpkin Show. Even all of the houses are decorated. If you get a chance to visit, you should, but try to avoid Saturday afternoon/evening if you can because it will be super crowded.
Creed can't wait to go back!


malia said...

is this stephanie borup that used to live in laie?
i found your site from your sister, marissa's blog, from my neighbor, tara heninger's blog...
anyways, it's malia navalta (now littlefield) from laie.
i was peeking in at your blog and you have such a cute family! just wanted to say hello. drop by my blog if you get a chance!
i have a link to nicole kajiyamas blog too.

John and Lindsey said...

hey Steph! thanks for finding me via Malia! Where are you these days? I've been trying all your old emails and you never sent me any new ones... so I've been wondering what you're up to. Write me!

Beazer said...

We were there enjoying the sites on Wed. evening too. Too bad we didn't bump into each other. The mini doughnuts were our favorite treat so we'll have to try the big ones next year. We'll also have to make sure to time it so we see the parade too.

Laura said...

Okay that pic with both Larry and Creed with their mouths wide open is hilarious!!!!!! Love it. Hey we are going to the pumpkin show on Sat too. Hope to see you there.

Krissy said...

I knew the show was this weekend and I've been looking forward to your pumpkin show post. I was curious what new food you'd try. Pumpkin Cheesecake is not very daring but definitely my favorite thing there. Enjoy it all weekend because we sure miss not being there this year!