Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lavender Days

Well, it's too late to be posting, but we finally got our internet connected today and I can't leave you thinking I'm completely miserable when you've all left such thoughtful comments. I'm just sorry I couldn't comment back to all of you because I was using a sketchy WIFI connection that I picked up in my house that kept going in and out.

Anyway, I'm doing much better. I have to admit, I still have my moments when I really need to be cheered up (like today when Creed woke up covered in dried throw-up that must have arrived sometime in the middle of the night, I found out the closets that Ikea pulled from the full-service section are the wrong size and we don't have a car big enough to bring them back, Creed threw up on me several times and I had to change his sheets more than once, the cable guy had our order completely mixed up, and then I got a call from my mom letting me know that my Grandpa Borup was diagnosed with colon cancer today. Yes, it was not a good day.)

Ok, enough complaining, the last week we really did have some good times. We have only spent a few days in our house because we spent the weekend with my family at Lavender Days in Mona and celebrating my little brother's return from his mission in Brazil. What, you haven't been to Lavender Days? OK, it was new to me, but it sounded worth the heat so we rounded the family up and headed out. It takes place at Young Living Farms and the owner is a bit eccentric so there was a medieval section with jousting and a Wild West section. We got held up by a gun slinger. We feasted on Lavender ice cream and Lavender lemonade (among a lot of other really good food)
Creed climbed in every stage coach he spotted

We shaded ourselves in the shade of my mom's huge sun hat
Had a friendly family archery competition (my dad won by far)
We took a wagon tour around the farm and then rode the old fashioned rides the employees had to actually push
Oh ya, and we saw some lavender.
Ironically, with the late winter that they had in Utah, the lavender will not be in full bloom for another week so they weren't totally purple fields, but they were still beautiful.
Next year, I might skip the festival and just go visit on another day for a photo op, but it was a great one-time experience. And I have to admit, I have missed those mountains.
But I didn't miss those drums!


Beazer said...
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Beazer said...

Steph, sorry to hear about your grandpa.

We missed you at Book Club last night! But soon you'll find your SLC groove and then we'll all be hearing about how Utah is the place to be. Looking forward to it!

Stephanie said...

I love the picture of Creed in the Lavendar field. So beautiful.

Hang in there. It will get better :)

J.R., Meg, and Alyssa said...

Steph, so glad to see you out doing the usual--finding fun things to do anywhere! Thanks for putting all your feelings out there in your last post--others of us are going through similar things and it is hard to take it all in. Enjoy having family close now to share in Creed and more day to day Ford life.

jaY said...

Hey if you need help returning the closets to Ikea, I got a trailer that I can come and help u guys out. Let me know. We gotta make an Ikea run too thats why so don't feel bad. Just let me know. Sorry I couldnt make it up to help you guys move in. Let me know tho about the closets. I'm always more than happy to help!

Mom said...

I'm so relieved - and yes, I knew you'd land on your feet - but it was hard to be so far away when you were hurting. I couldn't pop by with a big batch of cookies - or make chili for your movers. I'm glad there are good times already - and Creed's other Grandma is sure happy to have him You are in my prayers every day - whatever state you happen to be living in! love, Mom Cat

Eva Jorgensen said...

i had never even heard of lavendar days before in all my years in utah, so kudos to you , steph, for always finding fun things to do! and i'm glad to know things are going a bit better... we all still miss you, of course, but don't be sad you missed out on comfest, for one. we went for about 20 minutes and had sensory overload and had to get out of there. not fun.

Britain said...

I love your mom's hat. Glad things are looking up. :)

Kelly L said...

See . . . already you are introducing me to new Utah events that I'm sure I'd never know about if it weren't for you! Looks like you guys had a fun time and I hope I get to see you soon!

Elisa said...

Gary Young is related to me (my grandpa's cousin or something like that) it's an interesting place huh?

Did you get my email about lunch? Cristin and I are gone this week but could get together sometime next week. Let me know!

Audrey's Dad said...

Gunslinger, you say? I thought maybe you were testing the lavender deodorant. Great pictures and glad you had fun. Love the carnival ride and "Creed of The Fields." His evident swager just makes the shot.

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa's diagnosis... especially on top of your monumentally bad day. All my best to you, him and your family.

The three of us miss the three of you terribly. We think of you often, wish you well, and look forward to our reunion.