Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Fourth of July!

The downside of having a family full of photographers is that sometimes I don't want to bother with hauling my camera around when I know there will be better photographers around, but then I don't get copies of the pictures. I don't have pictures of hte fireworks (which Creed did not enjoy one little bit) or the BBQs, but I'm so glad that I dug my little point and shoot out of the bottom of my bag to catch these pictures at the Provo Fourth of July parade.

The Fourth is a BIG holiday for the Borups. My cousins and usually some of my siblings camp out for our parade spot and literally sleep on the street so we can have a prime spot to get the whole crowd chanting and cheering as the parade goes by. Since Larry was working, I was on my own with Creed and thought we would end up missing a lot of the parade, but he was SO GOOD! Someone was handing out little American flags and Creed spent the rest of the day waving his flag. Even though Creed is too young to really get it, I love being able to share family traditions with him. Having our own little one totally brings new importance to the traditions that I loved growing up.
What were your favorite traditions growing up and are there any that you can't wait to share with your kids?


Stephanie said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I don't have any from growing up but for the past 17 years or so we've been doing the same thing: parade, BBQ, fireworks. It's so fun to pass it onto our daughter.

Happy 4th!

Krista Hansen said...

I also LOVE the fourth of July. I love the parade, the summertime food, swimming and the fireworks. Sam was more fun this year and I hope it just gets better each year.

Kim Ryden said...

Saturday morning pancakes! My husband doesn't like pancakes all that much so I'm hoping my future kiddos do!