Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Muppet Movie

Last Friday we decided to take Creed to see an outdoor showing of the Muppet movie. We weren't too optimistic about his ability to make it through much of the movie, but we thought we'd be able to see a new part of town, play around a bit, and as an added bonus, we found out last minute that one of my favorite bloggers Design Mom's Gabrielle was going to be there so we got to chat with her.

It turned out that Creed loved the outing. This is a horrible video clip, but you get a glimpse of how he stood up so attentive and danced through most of the movie and kept pointing excitedly at the screen. We finally took him home at 10:00 so he wouldn't be too cranky in the morning, but he would have been happy to stay longer.

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Elisa said...

You guys are up to all kinds of fun!

We should get together this next week, have you found any good cupcake shops??

It's Summerfest in Bountiful this next weekend (8th-9th, international dancers, food at the park etc). We could meet there next Friday if you are interested.