Wednesday, July 30, 2008

You don't gnome me!

The other day, I came across the gnome onesies by Jasper Hearts Wren and due to Larry's love of gnomes, I decided to make Creed a gnome onesie (it was actually a gift to Larry, because I hate gnomes). When I looked up Jasper Hearts Wren online to give you a link, I found out that they actually do make toddler shirts and had I known, I wouldn't have made my own, but the store that I spotted them in only had small onesies so if you want one, I suggest going to buy one on their site (and check out their other cute kids' clothes)Anyway, I have a habit of buying plain t-shirts when I see them on sale so I had this green one on hand and I just used a seam ripper to remove the pocket on it. As far as gnomes go, I must admit that he doesn't look too sinister.
but watch out for the kid wearing it!
Actually he looks kind of like a gnome at work here, doesn't he?
At the moment Creed is VERY attached to that cheapo wagon. We have a real wagon that he can ride in and I can pull without hunching over, but he LOVES this one. He found it on clearance at Target a couple of weeks ago and pulled it all around the store with our purchases in it so we bought it. He wouldn't let Larry put it in the trunk so it rode home next to him in the car while he clung to the handle with his little knuckles turning white. Now it goes EVERYWHERE with him. I guess it was well worth the couple of dollars that we spent.


Ellen said...

SO cute! You really are the best Martha Stewart that I know! You are so talented!

Larry said...

I LOVE the shirt. It's great, and Creed looks very cute in it. I might like it as much as Creed likes his wagon (okay, not that much).

And he does indeed look like a little working gnome with his wagon at the playground!

Reba said...

This is adorable. Everytime I see a gnome I think of you guys!

April McFarland said...

where's your tutorial? :) i've recently learned how to sew and am interested in craft projects like these. did you use felt for the gnome? and did you just straight stitch around him? you're so creative/talented!

(by the way, i always think of you when i see an ampersand in a store! do you have an uppercase living one? and please tell larry i said hi! i miss his friendly smile/conversation around the office.)


Stephanie Ford said...

April Larry says hi too. I never do tutorials for things that I didn't design because I don't feel right about that, but decorating kids' t-shirts in general is easy and fun. In the past I've used normal fabric with WonderUnder ironed on underneath to make it stick the the shirt (just lite not the heavy stuf or your sewing machine needle will get gunked up). Then if you don't mind frayed edges, just straight stitch around it of if you don't want the edged to fray, zigzag around the edge. I used felt on this shirt and felt is really easy to work with. I just pin it to the shirt and straight stitch around it because it won't fray, you do have to be watchful in the first washing though because sometimes the felt bleeds.

I hope that helps!

Sarah said...

oh man is that cute!!!

Stephanie said...

You did a great job. I love it!