Monday, July 28, 2008

Utah is the place to be!

So the best part about moving to Utah is that many of our friends end up visiting Utah at one time or another so we still get to see them. We've been here under a month but it's still been so comforting to see some familiar faces.

Eva got a tour of our messy, disorganized, half-unpacked home while I forced her to write down her favorite things to do in Utah. We met up with Greta while she was visiting family in Springville (and is it just me or so I look liked a crazed clown here to you too?)

And Reba, Ellie, and Moira picked us up to go to story time at the Provo library
Did I mention that story time at the Provo library is an amazing production? I mean, scripted, miked, well-rehearsed with music, and a puppet show and coordinating coloring all in a cool amphitheater. Wow!

And can you spot Creed begging another mom for treats? Maybe it's not such a good thing that he's getting over his stranger anxiety.

Now I need to get busy scouting out cool things to do around town so I can convince the rest of you to come visit soon!

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