Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A little online love

Let's NOT talk about how I just spent $700 today on a replacement for our back door. Instead let's talk about all the fun things online that have made me smile over the last few days. Like this totally addicting vocabulary game that I don't have to feel too guilty about playing because everytime you get an answer right, they donate twenty grains of rice to feed hungry people.

Speaking of games, who wouldn't like to play in a local version of the Amazing Race? This is so cool and there's one coming up in Cincinnati, but Larry doesn't see the appeal. (Thanks for the link Keri!)

Another thing that I saw online that made me smile is this video clip from SNL. If you watch Project Runway, you will think it's fierce, but if you don't it really won't be entertaining.
And speaking of addicting reality tv series where no one is back-biting or sleeping with each other, Larry and I have a new addiction: America's Best Dance Crew on MTV (I know, when is the last time anyone I know watched MTV, but I promise, it's so good!) Larry rarely watches any tv and he came in the other day when I was watching this and he got sucked in. He actually said, "We have to watch this next week." and he watched an old episode without me. Before you make fun of him, you have to watch a little bit and you will be hooked! The finale is coming up soon, but not to worry, ladies and gentlemen, you can find all of the old episodes online so you too can be addicted. The picture above is my favorite team; I heart Kaba Modern!
I also heart this little black dress that I wore on Sunday with a white tank top underneath. It's sort of hard to see in this picture, but I love the tuxedo pleating detail on the neckline and down the center of the back and this model must be incredible tall, because the dress goes to the bottom of my knees and I am not short. Who doesn't need a cute black dress for $19.99?


Laura said...

That WAS a super cute dress you had on Sunday...thanks for the Target lead! Laura F

Krissy said...

Project Runway is one of my favorite shows. That SNL skit was so funny, amazing that he really is that eccentric! Cute dress too and I always liked seeing your shoes at church, I bet you wore some super cute shoes!

Laurel said...

I've been playing that blasted vocabulary game now for 30 minutes. So addicting! Btw, LOVE all your pictures of Creed. He is such a doll!

Lysle and Kamiko said...

CUTE LITTLE BOY! LOVE all your shows...Lysle and I like JabbaWockeeZ. I don't really like StatusQuo. And loved Christian as well. Hope you are having a better week.