Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Smingus Dyngus!

Love Larry, Creed, Stephanie, and a semi-wet Kirk!
A few weeks ago, our friend Kirk, who is in graduate school studying Russian and happens to be taking a Polish class, told us about Smingus Dyngus. It sounds like a made up name, but oh no my friends, it's for real. Every year on Easter Monday Polish people run around soaking each other with water. Kirk says it's crazy and everyone participates so you'll see old men hobbling around the corner with buckets of water and people leaning out of their apartment windows with hoses attached to their faucets. You can read a little more about the tradition here.

Around 9:00 Larry joked that since Kirk is the only one that we know of that actually knows about Smingus Dyngus, we had to celebrate by soaking him. I was on board immediately, but he told me, "No, I'm old and it's late. I have to go watch the Golden Girls and eat fiber and go to bed!" After thinking about it a bit, we couldn't resist the temptation. We packed up Creed, some water guns, and a big cup of water and headed to Kirk's.

He wasn't home when we got there so we had a chance to scope things out and come up with a plan of attack. Kirk's neighbor was watching us from his porch so Larry started to explain about Smingus Dyngus and he actually responded, "Oh yeah, I know about Smingus Dyngus." Random!

Just as we were pondering leaving the cup of water on the ledge above his door with fishing line tying it to his doorknob and a little sign saying, "Happy Smingus Dyngus!" (which would totally not work, but still would have been funny) Kirk arrived home and we were able to attack. He may not look to happy in this photo, but he was laughing as he said, "I can't believe I've been had on Smingus Dyngus!"


Kim said...

Oh Rats. We didn't read about this soon enough to celebrate. Glad you got in on the celebration though.

Heather said...

Can't wait to celebrate it next year - sounds like a blast!

Kelli Radmall said...

Hey! Kurt knows about this because he served in Poland. We have never celebrated it though. He also said there is some other crazy polish name for "fat thursday" where everyone eats as many jelly filled donuts as they can. Now that's my kind of day! Love the Fords. Yes'm. Love Kelli Kins

Eva Jorgensen said...

i love that you did this to kirk! too bad i was out of town. or maybe not:)