Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hairclip tutorial

My friend Kate asked me how to make hairclips for little girls so I figured it was time for a tutorial. I had 15 minutes before I was heading out, and these clips are so easy that was plenty of time to make two clips (or even more if you don't have a little one that wants to help you and jump on and off your lap).

First gather supplies:
ribbon just wide enough to cover the clips
fabri-tac glue to glue the ribbon to the clip
silk flowers and buttons or whatever you want to use to decorate the clip
A needle and thread if you are using buttons
a hot glue gun to attach the flower if you are not using buttons
I think these clips are actually for holding roller in your hair. My friend Reba bought a bunch of these clips at Sally Beauty Supply, I bought this pack at Target, but I don't think they will work as well because they close together at an angle so I think they will slip out of hair unless you add a strip of craft foam in the middle to keep them from slipping out of soft baby-fine hair. If your using Grosgrain ribbon or some other ribbon with a lot of texture I think they will probably stay in hair well, but if you're using satin ribbon or something else slick, you probably need to add craft foam to the middle anyway.
First, glue the end of the ribbon to the inside of the top of the clip.
Next, if you're using a silk flower to decorate the clip, pull it off of the stem. It should look like this.
They are not usually glued together so just pull the base of the flower off and then slip the plastic middle out. (sometimes I leave the middle, but in this case it was cover with fluffy yellow stuff that didn't seem suitable for a baby's hairclip so I'm putting button in the middle instead).
Fold the ribbon around the clip and mark where you want the flower to go. Then sew the flower to the ribbon with the button on top of the flower.
Trim the thread and glue the ribbon across the top of the clip.
Fold the ribbon the rest of the way around the clip and trim it where it will meet the center of the clip.
Then glue the ribbon the rest of the way around the clip. I clip it on a piece of paper while I put glue on the back of the clip so I don't get glue on the ribbon on the top of the clip.
Here's the final view from the back.
The view of the middle
And from the front along with another clip that I made.
If you aren't using a button to secure the clip, you begin the same way. Pull the flower off of the stem.
Pull off the base of the flower then cut off the part of the center that sticks through the back (you want the flower to be as flat to the clip as possible so it won't be torn off).
Pull each piece of the flower apart and then glue each piece back together. I used fabric-tac, but this is where hot glue would come in handy because it dries a lot faster. You don't want to use hot glue to glue the ribbon to the clip unless you work quickly because you want the ribbon to lay very smooth on the clip.
Then glue the flower to the clip.
And there you have it.
Have fun making your own!


Rodeback Crew said...

Hi Stephanie, it is your cousin Brooke. I just started blogging and didn't realize how many people have been doing it for years. I don't know if I was just living under a rock or what! I have discovered that it is a good way to get back in contact with people. I told Damion that it is sad that we were all so close when we were kids, but never talk anymore! Maybe this way we can get back in touch.
I browsed through your site, you are so creative, I am amazed.

emily kate said...

Thanks for the directions! They look so cute. I think I'll definitely make some for my neices!

Melinda said...

Thank you for the tutorial; I can never figure these things out on my own. They are adorable! Sara shall be donning some soon!

Charity said...

Has anyone told you lately that you are AMAZING!! Thanks for the tutorial. I've got 2 girls who are going to love making these for all their cousins (10 girls, 4 all the same age!)

Thanks again for taking time out of your very busy life to post for all of us who wanted directions but didn't want to be a bother:)


Kate said...

Steph thanks for the tutorial! You are the best. I think we'll hit Michaels this afternoon.

Christopher & Rebekah said...

your attention to detail makes these SO cute. I never thought of sewing the flower and button on, but that's a really good tip. Thanks!

Cristin said...

Darling! Do you make your felt ones the same way????

Mandy said...

I love making clips and bows for my girls! We just finished about 100 clips and bows to send w/ Dan to Honduras (he's leaving tomorrow for a medical mission with operation CURE). You can buy the clips at Sallys Beauty Supply pretty cheap, a box of 100 is around $5.

Six Angels said...

I am Melinda Randall's sister in law. I just wandered on to your page through her link. I just have to say that your little boy is adorable! And thanks for the clip making tips. I have failed at my previous attempts so this will help a lot.