Sunday, March 02, 2008

Columbus Corners - Tasi Cafe

Larry and I went out for Valentine's Day the next Saturday because we didn't want to ask anyone to babysit on Valentine's Day. The plan was to head to the new Cameron Mitchell restaurant in the Short North, Marcella's, and then head to a dollar movie (classy, I know, but Larry was taking me to see Enchanted so he scored big points with me). Marcella's ended up having quite a wait and we didn't want to leave Creed for long so we decided to walk over to Tasi Cafe because I've been dying to go there since it opened.

Tasi Cafe is a new restaurant opened by the owner of Rigsby's in the alley behind Risgby's (680 North Pearl Street - the old Pistachio location). It's named after his wife and it serves breakfast all day, but also has great lunch and dinner menu options. They do as much take-out business as they do dine-in.

It's small, you order at the counter and there are only a few tables, but lucky for us there was no wait. Since we weren't waiting for a waiter, this ended up being a quick dinner for us, but there was no compromise on the food. Most dishes are between $6 and $10 and almost everything is made from scratch. Larry opted for the lobster mac-and-cheese
And I went with the roast chicken.
And we split a fruit salad.
We both left very happy. We can't wait to go back to try their breakfast some time.


Kim said...

Did you love Enchanted?

Larry said...

As much as I loved the lobster in the Mac & Cheese!