Saturday, March 22, 2008

Creed's First Birthday Was Just Ducky!

We debated about what to do for Creed's birthday; a great occasion to celebrate, but since we're trying to prepare to put our house on the market, it didn't seem like a good time to host a party. Luckily Grandma Cat came to the rescue and let us turn her annual Duckling Day celebration into Creed's First Birthday Party.

Every year the Whetstone Library hosts a Duckling Day Parade the Saturday before Easter. Hundreds of kids dressed up in duck costumes, gather to reenact a bit of Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey. They had out free books to all of the kids and this year they handed out rubber duckies too. At the end of the parade they have duckie crafts and a duckie puppet show.

Snow was predicted this year, but luckily it held off until the end of the parade when we made it back to the Erney's for bunch. The parade was still pretty cold so we didn't force Creed to wear his whole duckling costume as he was already slightly unhappy.

I only managed to snap pictures of a couple of our friends, but I have to show off Audrey's cute costume.Even Creed stopped to admire it.Here's Bella looking so sweet and probably thinking that we are all crazy. After the march through the park to the library, we headed were happy to go back to the Erney's.

I decorated with some of our favorite duckie books scattered about and bunches of yellow balloons for the kids to take home. I also made these duck boxes full of goodies for everyone to take home. I used Martha Stewart's idea for Easter Bunny Boxes and adjusted it a little.

Each one had a beach ball with a floating duck in it, a rubber duck, and some sidewalk chalk. I also made some spring clippies for all of the girls.
Cat went all out and lived up to her reputation as the best cook we know. She even took Friday afternoon off to prepare for this FEAST (with birthday party rubber ducks scattered about between the dishes).

And of course, per annual tradition, she made he amazing apple beignets.

And cookies, and tarts, and jello jigglers made with white grape peach juice and gelatin, and big cupcakes, and little cupcakes.

And of course a whole cake just for Creed, which he LOVED!

His clothes managed to survive relatively unscathed.

And considering all the food he'd already had, he ate a lot of that cake. Larry and I snitched pieces of the cake afterward, and I'm not exaggerating when I say it was the best cake I think I've ever had and Larry thought the same. I asked Cat what her secret was since my frosting never tastes that good and she said that she adds coffee creamer instead of milk. I'll have to try it.
We told everyone not to bother with gifts, but all of them did and he was thoroughly spoiled. It was so cute to see him excited about his gifts like this penguin Jessica knit for him. He was a little distracted while opening gifts, but our friends know him well and he spent the afternoon at home playing with every single item.

After a little more time visiting and playing the piano, we headed home.

Creed was so tired, he was asleep before we even left the Erney's neighborhood. After was all took a nap, he obliged us and let us take pictures in his whole duckling costume.

Isn't he so stinkin' cute?
He also let us take one more picture of him in his birthday crown. I was inspired by this crown that Candice made for Grant.
We love our little man!


Kate said...

Steph I can't believe Creed is already 1!!! He is ADORABLE! That duckie costume was extra cute too. How did you make those cute clippies? I need to get something more exciting in my girls hair besides the clear elastics I always use...

Kim said...

What a fun day! We had fun last year at Kat'w duckling brunch. It was yummy. Wish we could have been there this year too. It looks like everyone had lots of fun.

ellen said...

Now that sounds like a fun party! Cute photos too! I like the one with the crown and pacifier!

Britain said...

Happy Birthday Creed!!!

Elisa said...

Happy Birthday Creed! Wonderful party! I love Make Way for Ducklings (lived in Mass for a little bit). I soooo wish we had a duckling parade here!!

Elle said...

Happy Birthday Creed! I can't believe he's a year old, Steph. That's awesome. The pictures from Duckling Day are adorable - I love his orange pants! My Mom is officially crazy, but this is why we love her. (Among other reasons, of course.) Glad you had fun!

Molly Malia said...

hey, he's one cute duck!
happy birthday!

Brittany & John said...

Ok, so how mom sent Maya a ducky outfit for Easter. Now that we have something to wear, we'll save it and go in Creed's honor next year!!!

Calvin Family said...

All I can say is WOW! Creed is lucky to have you as a mom.

AnnDee said...

Can I hire you to plan my kids' birthdays!! It looks like you had fun. And so cute and creative. But, should we expect much less? :)

Ps -- I found your blog from Tenay's hope you don't mind!