Saturday, March 08, 2008

Creed's First Blizzard

I opened the door this morning and what did I see? Snow above Creed's head! It was a snow drift, but mind you that you have to step up at least 6 inches to get in the door. Larry had to check it out from the outside. All you Utah people may be scoffing, but this is a crazy amount of snow for Ohio. And this was before it snowed all day long.
Creed and I bundled up to play for a few minutes while Larry shoveled the driveway.
Creed doesn't have a snowsuit so I layered the poor guy in socks, a onesie, two pairs of pajamas (one of them was even fleece), jeans, fleece lined track pants, socks and mittens on his hands, his heavy coat, boots, and his hat. He could barely move, but he didn't seem to mind sitting in the snow (and he's sitting in an area that Larry already shoveled, but the snow quickly covered)
Creed's showing you that he enjoyed the 15 inches of snow that fell over the last 24 hours.


Kim said...

Have you been able to dig a trail to your front door or get a car out of the garage? That is a ton of snow. Don't forget to reset your clock. Miss you guys.

The Gooches said...

okay stephanie, (this is holly-keri's friend) i love your baby name game. nobody else has ever heard of strega nona and that is my most favorite children's book! it just made my day! thanks!

Molly Malia said...

that better not happen here... i think that i would be depressed.

Charity said...

CRAZY!!! It's almost as if you lived in Alaska or something...except here it's 47 degrees and melty...Who says Alaska is the frozen chosen! I'm gonna say, today it's Ohio! Good luck traversing through all that snow!

Elisa said...

We heard about the Ohio snow storm on the you guys got dumped on!!