Sunday, March 30, 2008

Creed Turns One

You already got a preview in the comparisons on the last post, but here are Creed's one year pictures. Larry happened to have the afternoon off and he had a few minutes to help me with these and it was so much easier with his help getting Creed's attention.
Creed is still very attached to his binky, but we're working on only having it during naps and bedtime so it only made it in the first photo.
I love this photo of him cracking up over Larry.
In honor of his his first birthday, here are a few of his peculiarities, that make him such a sweet, funny little guy. Once in a while he'll roll a ball back and forth with you, but most of the time he'd rather play ball by himself, and he doesn't throw the ball, he kicks it. I think he's going to be a soccer superstar because he's already really good.
He won't eat solids mixed with liquids so he won't eat fruit mixed in yogurt or soup with chunks in it, but he'll eat it all if it's separated. He also won't/can't drink from a sippy cup with a filter in it, because he doesn't get how to suck on it. We give him sippies with out filters which is really messy now that he drinks a lot of whole milk. He also won't keep his sippy cup on his highchair tray, he takes a sip and hands it back to us and points to it or signs when he wants another sip.
He pretends to wash his hands every time he sees hand sanitizer.
He blows whistles by turning them around and breathing in.
When you say yes, three times out of four he'll grin at you and shake his head no like he's arguing with you.
He loves to go outside and has started bringing me his shoes when he wants to go out or standing at the door and pointing outside while he whimpers.He's been able to slide backwards down the stairs for a while, but now he's figured out how to slide off of our taller furniture too.
He's rushing all over the house now so this picture of him carrying about the phone fits him really well. Plus I had to post it to disprove my mom who said, "Creed is really chunking up these days." He is a healthy chubby baby, but I'm doing him no favor because I layer him a lot too.
He loves wheel, balls, lights, dogs, and penguins.
In addition to bobbing up and down and waving his arms around, he has a sweet new side to side dance move.
He still "hides" at least a few times a day by burying his head in pillows with his whole body sticking out, and he emerges with a huge grin.
He signs for food and to tell us he's all done, but he's also picking up a lot of real words. Most people can probably understand him saying mom, dad, and kitty, but probably only Larry and I can understand him saying all done (ah duh), cracker (CR), goldfish (gu), car (ca), and water (wuh).
It's completely astounding how much he's grown in a year. He's seemed full of personality when he was born, but now he's bursting with it. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. There are so many things that we're exciting to introduce him to as he's growing up and becoming more interested in the world around him. It's hard to remember what life was like before he was around because he's our whole world now.


Reba said...

Happy Birthday, adorable Creed! I love all the cute pictures and the amazing things he's doing. :)

Anna said...

I cannot say it enough, he is ridiculously cute! I'm so excited you are moving to Utah. We were really sad to leave Columbus because we had just started getting to know so many great people (like you and Larry). So we will definitely have to hang out when you get to Utah.

I have a really good friend with a little boy about Creed's age so maybe you guys could do play dates. I'm confident you will make lots of friends quickly.

Thanks for the website, that's a great source. There are quite a few sites with events, but none of them really pull it all together, so I'm going to try. Its a good project to keep me busy and to force Joe and I to be more adventurous in our dating.

Alicia said...

I cannot believe he is already one! And of course, he's completely adorable. :) Happy birthday Creed!

ellen said...

He seems like a fun kid!!

Larry said...

It's true. I can't imagine what we used to do before Creed. He's so wonderful and makes us so happy - it's hard to imagine things without him (nor do I want to).

Krissy said...

That was fun to read. You have great ideas about tracking and keeping a record of all of Creed's happenings. I can imagine his love of books is going to be as great as yours.