Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cheer up

I woke up in a bad mood today and somehow I think Creed knew because he spent the day cheering me up. First, he smiled like this all through breakfast. Then he spent a good part of the morning like this.
He snuck off to the bathroom for some fun.
He was having the time of his life until I took away the toilet paper.
He didn't give up on his morning of fun. He went straight to pulling every single toy out of his bin, which was a first.
And we ended the morning with a round of hide-and-go-seek. The video is awful and I couldn't edit it to end at 22 seconds, but it was so funny that I had to include it. Good think I got a better clip on our real video camera.

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Riann said...

Creed looks like he is pretty good at hiding. My 4 1/2 y/o dtr usually picks the same spots for me, i.e. under the microwave stand. However, for my husband, he can never find her underneath the bean bag chair. He has lost her many times under there and still forgets to look. Thanks for sharing the video clip. we all needed a good laugh

Mom said...

We have pictures of Rosalynd - 2 years old - with her eyes squeezed shut, giggling because nobody can see her. That clip is priceless!

Kim said...

He is changing so quickly. What a crack up the video is.

Beazer said...

The video clip kept making me laugh out loud. I think Creed did his best to cheer you up. Nice work Creed.

Krista Hansen said...

I found your blog from Marissa's. Creed is the cutest thing ever and his hair always looks so good! It's good to see that you are doing so well.
Long lost friend,
Krista (Woffinden) Hansen