Monday, March 24, 2008

Creed's Second Easter

The Easter Bunny left Creed some fun gifts. Of course Creed immediately pulled his new copy of Where's Spot and didn't want to look at anything else until we read it a few times. How did the Easter Bunny know that was Creed's favorite book from the library?
We weren't sure that Creed would hunt for eggs, but after some encouragement he got it. It helped that the eggs were clear and he could see there was a marshmellow in each one jut waiting for him.

He was so cute!
After church we went to another Easter egg hunt with friends. Creed managed to find a few eggs, but he mostly was interested in this hole.
This was the best group shot that we could get of the kids.
Afterwards, our friends the Carpenters had some of us over for Easter dinner. Check out how festive the table was.
Even though most of our family is far away, we have such wonderful friends that it still feels like the holidays are full of family.

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Kim said...

You guys are always having fun. I'm so glad you have a blog and post lots of pictures so we can see what you are up to and learn about weird/different Polish holidays. Miss you!

P.S. The Stringhams are on the way and looking forward to spending time with you.