Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellow Party- Part 4, Our Fabulous Yellow Guests

I know I mentioned this earlier, but we asked our guests to wear yellow and told them there would be a prize for the person with the most yellow and they did not disappoint!  Tyler and Lisa even arrived with Yellow balloons.
My mom was the cutest!  She even made bracelets covered in yellow buttons and a yellow headband and decorated her sandals with yellow ribbon and flowers.  Oh, and did I mention  that she painted her nails yellow too?  She looked amazing and she even got my dad to put on some yellow garb.  I wish that I would have taken more pictures so you could see all the details.
Here's my little brother Eli and his sweet girlfriend Brenna.
My cousin Whitney and the newest addition to the family, her husband Scott.  
And Larry's brother Scott with his wife Janelle and baby William.  William even wore yellow argyle!
We struggled to get a group photo because I wanted to try after Creed had opened his presents and he wanted to play with his new basketball hoop from Grandma and Grandpa so this was the best that we could do.
And of course Larry was there too, ut he was taking the group picture.
We decided on a tie between the big winners: my mom
And Tyler and Lisa!
This was Tyler and Lisa's prize, their favorite brownies and for my mom we had copies of the pictures of Creed we hung on the wall sans mustache because she doesn't have any of pictures of Creed in her house and that is just a tragedy as far as I'm concerned!


Grace said...

How so stinking cute are U and your family! I have not read your blog in a while and was a little stressed at work so I took a break and these posts on robot party (happy birthday Creed) and your Yellow party are adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs Grace

larry said...

I still love Brenn'a face the best in the group picture.

Shar said...

this is such a great idea! ever since you said you did that for the party, i've been excited to see what everyone wore...and it was awesome! I am going to HAVE to do this for a party soon b/c it looks like so much fun.

tania said...

stephanie..can i just say that you are AMAZING. you took something so simple such as the color yellow and made it FANTASTIC.

and just so you ARE that kind of mom. you know, the kind of mom you always post that you want to be. you're IT, stephanie. i wanna be the kind of mom that can through an awesome GREEN party for my girl that loves green as much as creed loves yellow.

i'm so sad that i didn't get to know you better before you moved from columbus. 'cause i think you're the coolest mom i know.

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday Creed!! What a super awesome party!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Get you get my email about cameras??

Melanie said...

i'm a friend of candice's but wanted to say you have a fabulous blog - love all of the creativity packed into one place!

we just got done hosting a pink party ourselves. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh. I love your "yellow party." So fresh, so cheery. I came your blog via your sister's (Candice's). I love, love, love your print you made for her. I seriously want you to make one for me--SERIOUSLY! Is there any way I can commission you? Please, please, please think about it. If it is something you think you could do, please email me (Irene) at