Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A haircut makes the man

These pictures are about a month old, but it's never too late to post, right?  

Every time I take Creed to get his hair cut, I'm shocked by how old he looks afterward.  Why is it that when he has shaggy hair, he looks so much more like a baby?  It's not just me, Larry says that every time Creed gets a haircut, it makes Larry a little sad.

So here's Creed post haircut looking so grown up (I wish I would have taken a before photo so that you could see the difference).
PS- that spray bottle full of water has equaled hours of entertainment outside (and it had to be yellow, of course).


Krista Hansen said...

Every time Sam gets a haircut, I swear he grows up about 6 months instantly. Not sure why shaggy hair=baby, I guess it just does. What a cute little man!

Meg said...

Darling haircut as always! Alyssa also loves yellow. Last summer when we were at a friend's b-day party she was being very particular about which candy she picked up from a broken pinata...then I noticed they all were ones with yellow wrappers.

Shauna said...

We say the same thing every time our boys get haircuts. They just look so grown up all of a sudden! Maybe I should get them haircuts more often and then the change wouldn't be so dramatic?