Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hitting the slopes (but not to ski)

We were in need of an outing so Saturday afternoon we headed to Park City to sled at Gorgoza Park.  Larry is from Orange County and has only been sledding twice and says they were both miserable experiences so I was hoping a sledding resort with lifts to tow you to the top of the hill and big cushy intertubes would be enough to convince Larry of the joys of sledding and it was!

Gorgoza Park has three lifts that tow you to three beginner lanes and four advanced lanes.  Each person has to stay in their own tube, but you are aloud to link as many tubes together as you want, which made things really fun.  The hills don't look too steep in these pictures, but some of the advanced lanes were and as the sun went down they got really slick and fast, which I think would make for a really fun date night since the park is all lit up until 8 pm.
They also have a mini-snowmobile course for ages 6 to 12 (which I think is crazy.  6 year-olds can drive snowmobiles?), two yurts (one to warm up and one to buy hot chocolate and snacks), and a playground for those under six (which is where Creed spent most of his time playing with giant blocks and riding the intertube merry-go-round).

Here we are at the bottom of the hill
And here's Creed enjoying time with Lisa.  He kept pointing to everyone sledding and saying, "Me! Me! Me!" The minimum age for sledding is three, but after talking to employees they said it was up to us so we let him try it out and he was terrified on the tow up the hill (we later learned that you can't ride on a tube together, but they will let parents hold on to their kid's tubes so they can ride up together, which would have been good to know).  He cried during the whole ride and when we got to the bottom he clapped and said, "I did it!"  Needless to say, I don't think we will be trying that again too soon.
And here we are afterward with Tyler and Lisa, all rosey cheeked.
Overall it was pricey, but if you're looking for a fun family outing, it might be worth it!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time. I sure wish I could have gone. Collecting water samples was very cold Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing you Wednesday.


Brooke said...

We always drive past that place and say "we need to go there" but still haven't made it. You and Larry always seem to be trying something new- impressive.