Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I was in charge of decorating for a dinner at our church last night celebrate the Relief Society's birthday (the women's organization in our church).  There were two problems, one, it was held in a big gymnasium and two, I had pretty much no budget.
We had volunteers make round birthday cakes and we used them as the centerpieces on pretty cakeplates in the middle of each table
Then we made tiny Happy Birthday flags to stick in the rolls
And we made about a million tissue paper pom-poms and hung a group of them in a cluster above each table, and in a row above the serving tables.  I made them a couple of years ago for a baby shower and they are very easy to make but this job took a while since we needed A LOT.  Thanks to my friends who helped out!


kirsten said...

i was just in charge of decorating for new beginnings - and i'd thought of the tissue paper flowers (i've made those before, too) but couldn't figure out how to hang them with the HUGE cultural hall ceilings - did you string fishing line all the way across first?

Ellen said...

I still have the poms you made for my shower! They are up in Amelia's room! I love them.

You really are amazing!!

Jen said...

Super Impressed! You wouldn't be willing to share the templates for the bookmark & little flags would ya? My ward's bday celebration is on the 19th. I love ALL your wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing. You have an admirer in Texas.

Steph said...


We have big padded panels lining the walls of our gym and luckily they had screws sticking up out of the top of them just enough for us to tie fishing line to. I bought the heaviest weight fishing line and you have to pull it really tight because it will sag a little once you tie the pom-poms to it. We ran three rows all the was across the gym as tight as we could and then tied the pom-poms to it using lighter weight fishing line. I thought the pom-poms might slide around so I brought tape, but didn't need to use it.

Jen, I would be happy to share the template. Just put your email address in the comments and I will send it over.