Sunday, March 22, 2009

Robot Party- Part 1

Oh where to start?  I've been missing from the blog for a bit because we've had some exciting times and I've been to caught up in preparations.  First off, Creed turned two, and could we have some cake and ice cream and call it a day?  Oh no, not at our house!  We had to go all out.

When Larry started listing all the people he thought we should invite, the list was a little overwhelming, and I couldn't imagine how we would fit that many people in our tiny house, let alone how we would entertain adults and kids at the same time.  Instead we cut down the list and decided to go with two parties; one for little kids in the morning and one for our grown-up relatives in the evening.  Now, I realize that this is ridiculous, but Creed actually understands what a birthday party is, and he has been talking about his for weeks.  Ever since my Valentine's Day party, he has wanted to have a party of his own so we decided to go all out to make his day special.
To minimize chaos, we kept both parties small so I only had to make four invites for the little kid party.  Since Creed is obsessed with Wall-E and robots we decided to have a robot party.
I kept the invitations really simple and we delivered most of them by hand.  The robot is based on this digital paper I have, but I made a cleaner version.
I printed them on scrapbooking paper so I didn't have to design anything for the back.


lisa (lost pezhead) said...

wow! it all looks SO fun. i love the shirts, what a great party favor. i didn't know you could use freezer paper....mmm, i'll have to try that for calder's b-day coming up. love creed's mohawk by the way!

Shar said...

You are so creative and talented! I love reading your blog and seeing what ideas you come up with. It looks the party was a success! and the shirts are so cute and such a fun thing to send home for the kids. I may have to do that for Kapria's birthday...though I'll have a one month old, so how motivated will I be?? :)

Meggan said...

Wow, you are so creative. I try but never have things turn out awesome like yours. I think I may try to make one of those robot t-shirts for my son and daughter. They would love those. Great job!