Monday, March 23, 2009

Yellow Party- Part 1, The invites

Every time we talked to Creed about his party, he mentioned that it was a yellow party.  Ummmm, ok, that was not the original plan, but we went with it (and I really shouldn't have been surprised since he is so devoted to yellow.  Everyone who has met him knows that yellow is his favorite color).

I threw some invitations together before we really had a plan for the party.  We just knew that we wanted to have our family over to have dinner and celebrate Creed's birthday.  Of course the invitations had to be yellow.  I used some yellow scrapbooking paper with a flocked damask pattern on it and some sunny yellow envelopes.  I put a black and white picture of Creed at the top and then decided that it needed something yellow.  That's when I remembered that we had this picture of Creed with a Playdough mustache that I could easily convert to black, white, and yellow.  The picture might seem weird to some, but I've had the birthday song that I learned in primary stuck in my head all month so I've been singing over and over, "one year older and wiser too, happy birthday to you!" and the picture seemed to fit the saying.

I cut a hole so Creed could peek through the front and another half circle at the bottom so you could pull the invitation out (and to think that I almost returned the Martha Stewart circle cutter that Larry got me for Christmas because it was cool, but I didn't know if I would use it.  It was awesome and I now think everyone NEEDS one).
As a last minute thought I added the mention that "Yellow clothing is required (because ornery old Creed can be kind of demanding). Prize for the person with the most yellow clothing."  I had no idea how seriously people would take the challenge and it was really what made this party great.  Just wait to see the pictures, you will agree.

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Anonymous said...

Can you give more details on how you designed these? They are so cute!