Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The New President of the United States of America

At this point in his life, Creed is not going to remember the historical events taking place, but it's still important to me that he has record of his life at the time.  That's why I'm posting these now.  Better late than never, right?
This is Creed during Barack Obama's Inauguration.  He wasn't totally aware of the importance, but we did manage to get a picture.  He listened a bit.But sometimes you remember that you need to brush your teeth.
And then you just feel like dancing.
And you remember that you need your tupperware helmet.


David said...

Priceless! Almost looks like Creed believe's that applause is for him. Certanly, Creed was not the first to do the Change dance... but I do admire his enthusiasm!

Mom said...

I kept David up to watch the moon landing and the first steps taken on the moon. I didn't have a blog or think to take pictures - so all he has is my word for it.

Lisa R. Lewis said...

This is a great great great post.
(i came all the way here from my google reader, so you know I really liked it)

amanda said...

i just stumbled into your world and had to let you know how totally wowed i am!! (i think i was trying to find some craft project??)

anyways your little boy is beyond adorable, and i love the colored pasta, the sorting of the beans and your vday party! (sorry i just kinda got lost in your blog)

and then the children's book club...as a teacher who misses read aloud the most about her teaching days, i am hooked!

thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas :)