Monday, March 23, 2009

Yellow Party- Part 2, The Decor

So let's be frank here, we did not want to spend a lot of money on a birthday party for our two year old and we were already feeding everyone dinner so the decorations had to be non-existent or CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP!  I still wanted it to create a magical day for Creed and I wanted our guests to feel special.  To me a birthday party is partially about celebrating a birthday, and partially about letting your guests know how important they are to you, that you wanted to share a special occasion and you made some effort to make sure it would be special for them too.

Anyway, I bought  2 yards of yellow polkadot Amy Butler fabric and made a tablecloth (which I justified because it will be nice to have all spring and into the summer).  Then I bought a yard and a half of cheap, yellow acrylic felt.  It comes on the bolt 72" wide so that ended up being way more than I needed, but I wanted to be safe and it was less than $5.00.  I cut it in long strips 3 1/2" wide and then cut each strip into three inch wide flags.  Then I just sewed them into one really long strip on my sewing machine.  Sewing it into one long strip made it much easier to hang.
Since we are renting this house, I wanted to be careful to leave no trace of this celebration behind so I used these little 3M clear hooks with removable adhesive to hang up the flags (I think the ones that I used were actually designed for Christmas lights and they are tiny, but the flags were really light).  If you decide to use them, just be warned that you have to put the hooks up an hour before you hang anything on them.  I draped the flags from wall to wall and cut them to fit as I went.  Then I used a yellow twist-tie to secure them to our light fixture.
The only other thing that I really did for decor was to frame some cute pictures of Creed.  I put yellow scrapbooking paper over the mat and then taped a 5" x 7" on top of that (5" x 7"s are only 39 cents at Costco so this was a cheap project too).  
The photos are kind of blurry in the above picture so here are the closeups (with yellow mustaches of course because babies + mustaches are funny and adorable!)
Candice took these first two (have you seen her blog lately?  She's been up to clever things).
And since I haven't seen Candice in a while we had no recent portraits of Creed so I had to use one that I took myself.
I really loved how the whole thing looked together
But the best part was seeing Creed's face when he woke up in the morning to behold his yellow wonderland.


Lisa R. Lewis said...

Creeds face is priceless. It is a yellow wonderland - i love it!

ellen said...

Forget M. Stewart, I think you should write a book about all the fun parties you plan and your interesting life!

candice said...

You are amazing! I love it. Wish I could have been there for the fun and the yellow.

Cassie L. said...

Ok, the flag banner thingy. I was going to do that for our big St. Patrick's Day festivities, but ran out of time (and know how.) Will you help me do that for our party next year??

stephanie said...

love it! Thanks for sharing your ideas - I might have to borrow one or two for a green party!

acutely cherished said...

This is so creative! As usual you have out done yourself!! Creed is a lucky kid =)

Amy @ OurScoop said...

A capital CUTE!!! LOVE all your ideas! So creative! Isn't party planning the best thing ever? We celebrated my little girls party on saturday too.

I know we must live near each other. I'm surprised I haven't bumped into you somewhere. I recognize your yellow paper. Is it from paper creations? I've been there a lot over the past few days.

I think I found your blog from Serendipity and I've followed it for a bit. Anyway, maybe I'll see you around one of these days and I'll say Hi.

farleece said...

I just found your blog and have bookmarked it!

This is so creative and cheery, love it!


Shauna said...

Steph - You are so creative and talented! I can't believe Creed is two years old already and we've never met him. A crime! Hopefully we'll be able to get together in April.

Anonymous said...

Hi there: I don't know you, but saw your party on Cookie and LOVE your flags/banner. I'm not very crafty, but think I can pull this project off but here's a really silly questions, what did you sew the triangle flags onto?

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the inspiration! I just did a post about a party and linked to you as a great place to find ideas : )

Amanda @

here's the post